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Symphony Web V8.0.2

Symphony Web

This article contains a brief rundown on the Symphony Web application, mostly just a quick show case on some of the common screens. Many of the screens stayed true and similar to the Melody application, only now those are presented with better, easier orientation and proper, smoother navigation.

The Web contains the following screens:

1.1 […]

DPLM: Condition & Action Description Columns

From version 8, two new columns were added for the DPLM policy tab (hidden by default). The description columns are to allow user notes and details regarding the policy logic.


From version 8, a SKU Chart is now available for users in order to assist them in the process of accepting/rejecting DPLM recommendations.

In order to active it a parameter ‘Present SKU Chart in DPLM’ must be set. Located in the DPLM settings. (Admin-> ‘Retail Settings’ – ‘General Settings’ for Retail users, and Admin-> ‘Distribution’ – […]

DPLM: New conditional functions

On V8 we added a number of new DPLM conditional functions for all kind of different purposes and needs.

Among those are function specified for:

Financial such as : Family and SKU TVC, Family and individual SKU unit price and Family and SKU Throughput.
Origin-SL DPLM functions:  Origin-SL UDAs (SKU Custom Numeric/Text fields, SKU Properties).

DPLM: Replacing ID parameters values by Name

In previous versions, syntax for DPLM functions for SKU, SL and Master SKU Additional Fields, and DBM Policy was based on IDs (user was required to insert the ID of the property Name and the ID of the item Name).

From version 8, the DPLM syntax has been improved so that DPLM functions will be referred […]

DPLM: Delete Policy

Currently, there is no option to delete a DPLM Policy.  From version 8, a new button was added for canceling the Policy. The Policy will be deleted from the Admin DPLM screen.


The Policy that will be affected from the ‘Delete’ button is the policy selected in the ‘Policies’ filter, the Policy that is presented in […]

Execute DPLM via Autoloader

From version 8, the DPLM can be executed by the Autoloader, using the following actions:

Execution of DPLM calculation (without L&R)
Execution of L&R with DPLM calculation (DPLM will run regardless of DPLM settings: ‘DPLM Activation Days’, ‘DPLM on every L&R’)


For further settings and information please contact Support IS.

Buffer History Screen – Adding Seasonality Event Name

From version 8, the Seasonality ‘Event Name’ column was added to the Buffer History screen and to Buffer History grid in SKU Chart screen. This will allow users, which are working with multiple Seasonality events, identify which of the Seasonality Events caused the Buffer Size change, when the ‘method/ Report Name’ is ‘Seasonality Algorithm’.


For examples […]

DB Partitions – Change validation of partition count

There is no longer a restriction to create partitions number which is greater than the number of cores available on the machine.
This is to overcome scenarios where users cannot create the partitions on PROD machine (due to limited disk space) and therefore are forced to create the partitions on a DEV machine and later moves […]

Output File Log – Distribution Replenishment files

During L&R (or ‘Recalculate Only’) processes, Symphony is producing Distribution Replenishment file/s.

From version 8, Symphony will create a log file that will provide indication that Distribution Replenishment file creation is completed.


For further settings and information please contact Support IS.