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Symphony’s Business Intelligence

Symphony is equipped with a market leading Business Intelligence platform. It covers endless of historical data related to the organizations’ supply chain to provide accurate reports and dashboards that efficiently analyze and evaluate the organization’s performance.

Symphony BI system is a web based application, accessible from any operating system. The analyzed data provides a unique view into the organization’s critical processes, providing the decision makers with a powerful analysis of their business functionality.

The system’s dashboards cover cross-business critical perspectives, such as: Sales and inventory turns, Inventory coverage status and trends of Fast/Slow-selling products’.

What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) systems are an integrative and necessary part of any information system nowadays. BI systems allow researching the data that is being gathered in the operational live system. The data retrieved from the BI system is easily organized for decision makers, providing answers for the most crucial questions managers ask about their business, in an effort to gain a competitive edge in their business’ industry.

“The new BI system is based on a data warehouse that stores and manages high volumes of data taken directly from the operational software’s DB of Symphony. The data warehouse allows users to investigate wide and extensive data quickly and efficiently.” Ben G. Product Team