Newsletter November 2015

Smart Allocation By Priority


The Smart Allocation is a mechanism to decide how to allocate the actual supply to the required demands when not all the demands can be filled.

Smart Allocation Replenishment Mode 

When this feature turned on, Symphony will go over all of the ‘Quantity to Replenish’ values from the Distribution Replenishment order. It will sum up all of […]

Custom Reports – Auto Loader

From Symphony version 7.1.0 this new feature allow users running custom reports independently using Symphony Auto-Load without running other modules.

In order to define this new feature go to Admin > Settings > Interfaces > Reports Settings:

Disable Auto Export for Custom Report – Can be determined to disable exporting of the custom report during the L&R […]

Stock Location Custom Numbers


The Stock Location Properties are free fields that can represent any property which is related to the Stock Locations and can be helpful later on. In Symphony, all of the Stock Locations are defined as similar entities. Meaning, in every report that applies to Stock Locations (for example: replenishment, transactions etc.) there will be a long list of all Stock […]

Adjustment visibility in the SKU Chart

From V7.1.0 – A new Curve in SKU Chart

Adjustment – This will display if there are any Transactions which were reported with ‘Adjustment’ flag, those transactions will represent the total (absolute) amount of quantity which were reported as adjustment ‘OUT’ Transactions per day.

Flexing Family – Assortment Group Connection


From Symphony V7.1.0, this feature enables to report a Family for more than one Assortment Group (AG), this will cause the Family to appear on more than a specific AG and it could appear on several AGs as long as the Family appears only once in a certain AG in a Stock Location.

On this screen we can […]

Allocation Matrix

From Symphony Version 7.1.0, this form of Allocation enables a new option of allocating using a form that resembles an Excel sheet and allows performing allocation’s transactions for a certain group of products relating to:

Display Group
Assortment Group
Origin (Warehouse)

This feature will be fully synchronized with the two additional forms of the Variety Replenishment button, the ‘Allocation […]

Load & Recalculate Refreshing Button

Main Dashboard

The L&R process is performed by the Admin user (or using the Auto Loader) in a specific time frame, if during that time one of the Melody users remained with this application open, the last load state will not be altered and will change only when reopening this application. There is an option to […]