Plan your production and execute your plan, whilst managing your resources

Most manufacturing companies would testify that lead times are usually longer than expected, due date performance could be significantly improved and that shortages are common. On top of that, deeper investigation of the shop floor would likely expose a high level of unnecessary WIP and finished goods, suffocating the cash flow.

Our solutions streamline your operations according to S-DBR (Simplified Drum Buffer Rope) principles. S-DBR synchronises prioritisation and daily actions according to the market, whilst guarding against problematic situations. It builds a sustainable, ongoing improvement process designed to reduce WIP, increase availability and reliability, and give the organisation a substantial competitive edge.

The solution also enables your organisation to release only the tasks necessary to the production floor, freeing the load of the workstations, and resulting in shorter lead times of up to 50%.

Main Benefits

Key features

Planning Tools

  • Prioritise jobs in each workstation with a mechanism which guides employees at all levels according to a priority system. It ensures safe delivery, and proactively prevents shortages.
  • Raw material release control ensures safe delivery and avoids disorder on the shop floor.
  • Follow and manage the load of potential bottlenecks in order to streamline marketing and sales decisions with shop floor capabilities.

Execution Tools

  • Alerts regarding expected short term shop floor peaks are highlighted by Symphony, providing the capability to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Quoting orders according to actual production load.
  • Produce according to market demand. With our holistic solution, the production is connected to the entire supply chain.

On Going Improvement

  • Stay connected to your production floor, follow results, and analyse the production performance, in a continual process of improvement.
  • A wide array of tools such as a reports generator, dashboards, alerts, and a graphic and analysis option, pinpoint and prioritise where managerial attention is required.