Purchased parts, sometimes referred to as raw materials, usually serve as cornerstones within the bigger picture. Availability, by definition, goes hand in hand with maintaining stock. If the case is not a $1 screw, but a $50K OEM computer, it is likely you wouldn’t want to keep too many in the stockroom. On the other hand, key elements that govern your availability, such as supplier delivery time, supplier availability and even obsolescence, are uncertain. Multiply this over numerous purchased parts and you’re faced with a dicey situation.

Evidently, it is imperative to ensure the availability of purchased parts, nevertheless, there are challenges in achieving this. Symphony procurement solution deals with two environments of purchased parts, fast movers and slow movers, covering the entire types-span, striving to ensure the availability of both.

Symphony provides the user with the tools to manage the procurement process of Purchase to Stock (PTS) and Purchase to Order (PTO); from the very first phase of ordering, all the way through to the arrival of the goods at site.

Main Benefits

Key Features

Fast Movers

  • Dynamic Buffer Adjustment – Symphony analyses purchased parts inventory levels and usage history, in order to determine the best possible quantity to keep in stock. A quantity that on the one hand will ensure availability, yet on the other hand will not unnecessarily tie down your cash flow.
  • Operation synchronisation enables you to prioritise and synchronise inventory levels Daily Replenishment Suggestions – Symphony identifies purchased parts which are in danger of depletion and recommends the appropriate amount required to replenish stock.
  • Purchased Parts Indices – Symphony monitors your purchased inventory levels with user-friendly analysis tools, and displays parts that are frequently over stocked or stocked out.

Slow Movers

  • Time Buffer Management – Symphony tracks all of your open purchase orders according to time based buffer management policies. Symphony proactively warns you to take corrective action before endangering production and ultimately supply chain performance.
  • Purchase Orders Monitoring – Symphony monitors all of your open purchase orders. It allows you to easily view the purchase order information, and ensures that nothing is overlooked.
  • Operations Synchronisation – Due to Symphony’s holistic approach, purchasing is linked with the upcoming raw materials of your operation.