Symphony’s Retail Module is the only software solution that provides assortment recommendations based on actual sales trends. It focuses on real time execution, reducing the dependency on erroneous forecasts.

All functions within the retail environment are striving to achieve the same goal: have the right inventory at the right place, and at the right time. However, in reality, the paradox is that our stores are packed with inventory, yet there is a continual pressure for more products.

A considerable amount of stock within stores is not contributing to sales, whilst at the same time, bestsellers are running out of stock faster than anticipated. These are the unavoidable consequences of using forecast for planning.

Main Benefits

Key Features

Bestsellers Availability

  •  Daily monitoring of each SKU at every location.
  • Provides recommendations on the quantity that needs to be held for each SKU
  • Generates automatic replenishment orders for each stock location

Improves ROI and Profitability

  • Dynamic product life cycle management to enhance flow and to optimise margins
  • Fully customized automated liquidation process
  • Automated allocation system that provides merchandise refreshment and space/variety management.

Mix and Variety Management

  • Classifies product hierarchies and store categories
  • Dynamically manages category assortment targets.
  • Promotes the spread of bestsellers, whilst actively dealing with slow movers.